www.TokoCrystalX.com-EN411328-20032017.jpg (34221 bytes)


---Front-|-Original Crystal X-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------www.TokoCrystalX.com-Ind-29032016.jpg (11610 bytes)-Rp-www.TokoCrystalX.com-Eng-29032016.jpg (12230 bytes)-USD


-How to know the original Crystal X:

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.BawahKiri-31032016.jpg (28737 bytes)--www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.AtasKanan-31032016.jpg (30927 bytes)

--1. BPOM (Badan Pengawas Obat & Makanan) | Code: NA18151600018 | Kosmetika (new code)

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.RegPOM-30032016.jpg (8773 bytes)

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.BPOM-30032016.jpg (73085 bytes)

--2. MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) | Code: 12150001350712

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.RegMUI-30032016.jpg (28561 bytes)-www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.header-halalmui-030316-1.gif (138734 bytes)

--3. Star Plastic

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.PlastikBintang-31032016.jpg (38953 bytes)

- 4. Bar Code

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.BarCode-30032016.jpg (39566 bytes)

--5. QR (Quick Response) Code New!

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.QRCode-24052016.jpg (44975 bytes)

Info pictures : QR Code would be different in each packaging so registration number must be distinct and if customers buy five crystal x, So there is a possibility gets 5 Crystal X by successive registration number

  6. Production Code & Expired Date

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.Expired-30032016.jpg (34698 bytes)

--7. Have 3 Hologram Sticker with sign: "NASA", "ASLI" & "IRU - ORIGINAL"

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.Hologram-30032016.jpg (43283 bytes)

Info pictures :  Logo and writing nasa patterned arising , the surface logo and writing higher than the surrounding surface.

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.Hologram.Silver-24052016.jpg (40993 bytes)-www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.Hologram.SilverNasa-24052016.jpg (46878 bytes)

Info pictures : Holograms Silver attached to plastic and god there will be former shaped like a wasp (hexagonal)

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.Hologram.Gold-24052016.jpg (45335 bytes)-www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.Hologram.GoldIRU-24052016.jpg (41829 bytes)

Info pictures : Hologram Gold with INDO RAYA UTAMA on Crystal X box and if released there will be a former shaped VOID

--8..Print Laser on Plastic

www.TokoCrystalX.com-As.PrintLaser-30032016.jpg (36047 bytes)

Info pictures : print of laser will be different in each of the packaging so that registration numbers definitely different and if customers buy five Crystal X, then there the possibility of gets 5 Crystal X with registration number of success



A positive impact and the negative impact of the use of crystal launching will be different in each userquickly call or meet your doctor if it turns out and experienced is the negative impact .


-What sign original Crystal X?

  • No need to confuse to find features original Crystal X, directly buy Crystal X in TokoCrystalX.com.
  • The selling online price USD 18 / box.
  • The selling offline price USD 22 / box.
  • The original Crystal X equipped with QR (Quick Response) Code

Tips :  Price online via web much cheaper than the price offline via store in Jogjakarta (offer selling Crystal X in Jogjakarta reached USD 24 / box ) because store is the rental fees location, the costs of electricity and other expenses .


www.TokoCrystalX.com.QR.Start.20052016.jpg (37429 bytes)-www.TokoCrystalX.com.QR.Scan.20052016.jpg (38049 bytes)-www.TokoCrystalX.com.QR.Asli.20052016.jpg (34384 bytes)

Tips Check: Crystal X Original ' registered' at NASA and make sure that when scan qr code , the position of the camera smartphone focus or an image visible clear as this example (figure it cannot be moved and pictures does not escape) because the position of the camera smartphone very influence on the scan qr code .Original products can be illegible notes false ' registered' if the position of the camera smarphone shake


-Want to consultation Crystal X and health more detail a Doctor?

  • Day : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Time : 10 am - 1 pm
  • Call us for registration consultation with doctor


-Fear deceived?


-Do secret personal guaranteed?

-We take care of your secrets .Crystal x package sent with personal names, no names tokocrystalx.com



-Order (24 hour):

  • Call/SMS : 089 8065 6292 | 0852 1980 4964
  • WA----------: 089 8065 6292
  • Pin BB-----: 5F766E6A
    • Format SMS   : Crystal X, Amount, Name, Phone Number, Address.
    • Example SMS : Crystal X,10, Ningsih, 089 8065 6292, Jl. Pakem Kalasan, Kalasan, Sleman, Jogjakarta, 55571, Indonesia


-Dimension and weight

  • Weight netto 35 g
  • Dimension box 8.5 cm x 2.8 cm x 3.4 cm
  • The price of USD can change depends on exchange rate (USD/IDR)


www.TokoCrystalX.com.CrystalX.Kotak.17052016.jpg (42403 bytes)-www.TokoCrystalX.com-Pos.Barcode-25052016.jpg (31195 bytes)

Info pictures: A cardboard box Crystal X latest contains some Crystal X (most Crystal X have been sold ) that have been fitted qr code and in pieces Pos Indonesia - a special package , we will sent no. Barcode to the customer (buyers ) via text message that can be used by customers to trace the package delivery Crystal X via web Pos Indonesia



  • Crystal X Package in 2 day not sent, money back 100%
  • Crystal X Package lost wil covered by Pos Indonesia insurance, money back 100%
  • Crystal X fake or not registered, replace with same product or money back 100%

Requirements and provisions claims warranty (any time be changed to improve security claims) will follow procedure claims from the distributor nasa and pos indonesia where surely need time to verify the and others.


-Payment by transfer to:

_____www.TokoCrystalX.com.LogoMandiri.26032016.jpg (16754 bytes) 137-00-1145056-7 | Bank Mandiri | KCP Sleman Kalasan, Jogjakarta

_____www.TokoCrystalX.com.LogoBRI.26032016.jpg (16906 bytes) 0029-01-105909-50-5 | Bank BRI | KC Cik Ditiro, Jogjakarta
_____www.TokoCrystalX.com.LogoBNI.26032016.jpg (16073 bytes)  0210513876 | Bank BNI | KC UGM, Jogjakarta                      

___._-www.TokoCrystalX.com.LogoBCA.26032016.jpg (16994 bytes) 4290371231 | Bank BCA | KCP Ahmad Yani, Surabaya   



  • Prevent fraud transfer, hence the name account of the purpose of will be sent via SMS or Email you
  • On the screen ATM, check info account numbers and name info must be same at TokoCrystalX.com
  • All numbers this account on behalf of one person
  • After transfer, please immediately confirm in 089 8065 6292 (Tri) 0852 1980 4964 (Telkomsel)


-Have no account ? Payments by transfer / send money in this way :

------www.TokoCrystalX.com.LogoWU.19032016.jpg (18710 bytes)__How to send money by Western Union

-----www.TokoCrystalX.com.LogoWesel.19032016.jpg (19293 bytes)--How to send money by Wesel Pos


-Want to know postage? Want to know position package? (Indonesia & English Language)


Some customers transact in the night or after home hours the office and if necessary the internet because bustle customers, we helped track position Crystal X Package sent via Pos Indonesia.

-www.TokoCrystalX.com.Smartphone.Order.Malam.1.10052016.jpg (12707 bytes)-www.TokoCrystalX.com.Smartphone.Kirim.Pagi.1.10052016.jpg (12640 bytes)-www.TokoCrystalX.com.Smartphone.Cek.Posisi.1.10052016.jpg (10855 bytes)




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